Choose the right size

Should you do it yourself?

The ideal would be to find a bra fitter near you. To find a well-fitted bra is almost an art form! Just so many options and no rules. The same as jeans! We bet all of your jeans are not the same size. It depends on models or brands. Same for bras.

If it is not possible to find a fitter or if you are still unsatisfied, here is a starting point. Multiple factors can influence the measurements. And to make things easier there are no precise standards in the industry. But we have found this method to work many times even if it is not foolproof.

Taking your measures

You will need an imperial measuring tape. Put on your best bra (do not use a bra that gives volume it might distort the results)

1 - Measure you ribcage

Take the measure on your ribcage directly under the breasts, while putting a bit of pression on your tape. Make sure that the tape is parallel to the floor. Note the number. If it is an odd number round up the number. This is the suggested bra band.



2 - Measure your bust 

Measure the most voluminous part of your chest keeping the tape parallel to the floor. Write down the number obtained. If needed round to the nearest number.


3 - Finds your cup size

You simply have to take the number in step 2 and substract number in step 1. Then use the following table to find your cup size.

4 - Determine your bra size

Combine the number obtained in step 1 with the letter obtained in step 3. Let’s say that you have measured 35 inches in step 1 and 42 in step 2, then you have 7 inches difference you are probably a size 36 G in american sizes and a 36F in UK sizes. It is a ballpark and of course not all bras are made equals. But this will give you a starting point.


What? An american, european and UK size???

Depending on the origin of the bra they will be identified differently. Here are the most common sizes we carry. We will indicate in the bra description if it is an american, european or UK sized bra.

We are also supplying the following table showing in store brands from their original country.

Classification by brands

It can be difficult to find a well fitted bra. You body is changing through time, puberty, maternity, weight gain or loss, which means that your measurements and needs will change regularly over time. We would like to say that you shouldn’t look at the size of the bra as much as the support and fit it gives you. The important thing is to be well, confortable and fearless in your bras.

Our brafitters are there to help you figure you size. Send us a private message on Facebook or an email at [email protected] One of our brafitters will reach out to you. For the most part, we use the same size from a bra to another. If there is no precision use the size you found on this page. If there is a variation for a particular bra we will indicate it in the descirption.