Care of your lingerie

In order to maintain the appearance, the fabrics, and the elasticity of your lingerie, we encourage you to follow this advice.

hand wash


Handwashing is the preferred method to keep your lingerie in good shape for longer.

  • Use a soap specially formulated for lingerie wash. Be aware of formulas made for wool as they usually are not made for elastics. Follow the instructions.
  • Use fresh water as hot water can damage the elastics.
  • Rinse in cold water as it helps restore the elasticity of the bands.
  • Do not squeeze the water out of your lingerie. Simply roll it in a towel and pat your lingerie gently to take out the water excess.
  • Always air-dry your bras. The dryer is as good as destroying your bra as it will damage the elastics.
  • Do not air-dry your bras in the direct sun.

washing machine

Machine wash

Because, often, life gets in the way!

  • Follow the same advice (wash in fresh water, rinse in cold water, delicate cycle, hang to dry).
  • Use a laundry bag to separate your delicate items from the rest of your clothes.
  • Make sure to close the hooks of your bras when you wash them. This will prevent your bras from damaging the laces or fabrics.
  • Avoid wearing the same bra two days in a row. Your body gives off a lot of heat and heat destroys bras. So give your bra a break! It will last longer.


It’s time to replace your bra when :

  • The elastic is gone.
  • You can’t read the label anymore.
  • There is no resistance in the band.
  • The bra is on the tightest hook and doesn’t provide a snug fit.
  • The underwire has poked through the fabric or is broken.
  • Your bra is uncomfortable.
  • Your bra doesn’t fit.